Wednesday, January 26, 2011

27 October 2010 – Photo shooting session

As a birthday present, mummy had signed up and studio photo shooting session at Kuang Yee for Chee Chee. It was a RM399 package which includes 20 photos album, 1 framed photo, clothes and make up. We had made the appointment to have the studio photo shooting on this day. It would took Chee Chee’s single portrait and few family photos.


The photos shooting session was at 6pm. Mummy came to pick up Chee Chee from Poh Poh’s house after work. Poh Poh and Kakak Ari joined us to the studio as well. As we were unable to pick any nice clothes from the shop, so we decided to wear our own clothes for the shooting. Firstly, Chee Chee wore the ballet costume bought by Ta Yi Yi, she loves that costume very much. But as she was a bit shy and scare, so she did not post and smile much when taking the photos. After that, we changed to the Cheong Sam dress which also given by Ta Yi Yi. Chee Chee was still not really comfortable and her smile also not very natural. On her last dress, Chee Chee started to know the photographer better and feel more comfortable, she started made some funny faces and kept laughing. By that time, daddy also reached the studio and we also snapped some family photos together.


The whole photo shooting session took us about 2 hour and we left the studio at 7:45pm. It was pretty fast. After a month, only we managed to get the photo album.

26 October 2010 – Chee Chee’s Chinese Lunar Calendar Birthday

This day was Chee Chee’s Chinese Lunar Calendar Birthday. So it was her 4 year old Chinese Luar Calendar Birthday. On this morning, 3 of us woke up very early because we need to bring Chee Chee to a temple for praying before she goes to school. After bath, Chee Chee dressed up nicely and prayed at home first. After that, we went to Pak Yee Thong Temple for more praying. It is our tradition to bring Chee Chee to this temple for praying on her birthday and also during Chinese New Year.



After praying ceremony, we went back home for breakfast together. God grandma had prepared mee sua and red hard boiled eggs for Chee Chee. Everyone of us had our breakfast at home together. After breakfast, Chee Chee went to her school and mummy and daddy proceed their day to work.

At night, Grandpa and Grandma bought a lovely cake for Chee Chee to celebrate her Chinese Lunar Calendar Birthday. It is Chee Chee’s favourite session, sing birthday song, blow candles and cake cutting. Mummy had bought a little present – Dora story books for Chee Chee.



All of us gathered at the dining area and ate the cake together. We also took some nice photos. It was real fun.




Happy 4th year old Chinese Lunar Calendar Birthday to Chee Chee!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 October 2010 - Happy 5th Year Anniversary

This day was daddy and mummy 5th years anniversary. Five years ago on this day, they signed their marriage certificate and committed to be together, and they made it for 5 years now. So it is a good reason for celebration.


On this night, 3 of us decided to go to "The Ship" restaurant at Batu Ferringhi for dinner. On past few days, as we went to Park Royal for wedding dinner, and passed by "The Ship", Chee Chee said she wants to go to the Captain Hook's ship and she can meet Peter Pan there. So to make it this day more special, we decided to go to Captain Hook's ship for dinner. Surprisingly, the meal and environment in "The Ship" are great and it is a right choice to come here on this night. Chee Chee was happy walking around the restaurant, but she asked mummy, "Mum, why the ship is not moving one?"

24 October 2010 - Sunday

It was a lovely Sunday. All of us woke up around 10am and took a warm shower, properly dressed up for breakfast. Daddy and mummy decided to bring Chee Chee to Gurney for breakfast and we had Kim Gary for our breakfast. We love Kim Gary very much.

After our breakfast, we had some window shopping and Chee Chee requested to go to the playing area for a hide. She enjoyed herself playing there.


We went back home and have a quick nap. Suk Suk and Sen Sen woke all of us up at 4:30pm for a swim. Grandma also would like to join us to swimming as well. Grace and Chee Chee were very excited and both of them had a great outting together and enjoyed the sunny day swim.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

23 October 2010 - Auntie Pin Yan's wedding dinner

On this Saturday night, daddy, mummy and Chee Chee were invited to Auntie Pin Yan's wedding dinner. Chee Chee were dressed nicely tonight for the dinner. Initially, she planned to wear the flower girl dress, but it has been too long never wear and she found it uncomfort, therefore, we decided to wear something nice and comfortable.

We reached the wedding ball at ParkRoyal Hotel by 7:45pm as it was traffic jam. We wished the lovely couple and took some photos with all the aunties and uncles. Auntie Pin Yan is very gorgeous on this night. It is a wonderful wedding dinner and it is a great time for all the friends to get together. Congratulations to Auntie Pin Yan and Uncle Andrew!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

20 October 2010 - Wednesday

On this night, after mummy back from work, she immediately went back to fetch Chee Chee out for dinner. As on this night, we had dated mummy's friends and their babies for dinner at Egate Noodle Station Restaurant.


We reached the restaurant at about 7:30pm. Auntie Jane, Uncle Alfred and baby Yu Chuan were there ordering their dinner. Chee Chee greeted everyone and sat down together with mummy. After awhile Auntie Ean, Xue Khai, Auntie Seow Wei and Auntie Siow Wei were arrived too.  

All of us enjoyed chatting and taking photos together rather than enjoying the meals. Chee Chee was having a great time meeting Yu Chuan and Xue Khai on this night. After the dinner, we went back home at around 10pm. It was a great gathering with all the friends.